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Dahlen House Hold Milford, NH :: some Sebago beer in a Sebago glass... I think it was the Fry's Leap IPA Dahlen House Hold Milford, NH

some Sebago beer in a Sebago glass... I think it was the Fry's Leap IPA

Mike D 2009-05-18

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Speed is the biggest reoasn these hits are happening but its not the only reoasn. I still go back to respect for the game and the players. Tuesday night, Dany Heatley at Steve Ott's head!! This is just a selfish and stupid play and there's no excuse for it, especially with 4 minutes or so left in the 3rd period with his team up 4-3. SJ ended up winning the game 6-3 with 2 empty net goals but it could've went the other way. Heatley received a 2-game suspension for this hit! How does that affect SJ's team for those games in the tight Western Conference? Maybe San Jose is fine without him but he's a pretty big part of that team so who knows. They are only up 3 points in their division so it could easily affect their position in the playoffs.I disagree on the helmets being the problem. The manufacturers are doing everything to make the helmets as protective as possible. Concussions happen because the human brain isn't supposed to take that kind of a hit. Helmets are for protection! They don't make you invincible! You can't compare a football helmet to a hockey helmet. They're completely different and are made for a different purpose. Football players lead with their heads to make a tackle and a football helmet completely covers the player's head. A hockey player gets hit in the head from a check and from the puck or a stick or possibly a fist! The NHL has already started to look at the equipment to see what they can do about that. They are also changing the glass so its all plexi-glass (instead of the seamless glass) and putting some new pads on the stanchions around the benches.Yes, players have been playing the same way all their lives but they have to learn to adapt just like they had to learn how to adapt to each level of play to get to the NHL. It goes both ways too. Players have to be aware of where they are on the ice and keep their head on a swivel and also be aware of a player in a vulnerable position and not try to light em up as hard as that is to do.The fines and suspensions are deterrents and if a player keeps getting penalized for illegal hits, he's going to either change the way he plays or not play hockey. If Trevor Gillies keeps hitting guys in the head and playing like he does, he will keep getting suspended longer each time. You don't think that will change the way he plays?


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