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eastern ct :: cumin beef with chilis eastern ct

cumin beef with chilis

toppcatt 2010-10-09

that looks so good! what's in it? do u have a recipe?


this will be a little long. 12 oz beef. 2tsp minced ginger. 1tbsp minced garlic. 2 fresh red chilis seeded and fine dice. 2 tsp dried chili flake. 2tsp ground cumin. 2 scallion green part only sliced. marinade is asa follows- 1tbsp shaoxing wine. 1/2tsp salt. 1tsp soy sauce 1tsp dark soy sauce. 1tbsp corn starch. 1tbsp water. oil for frying. steps- 1-add thin sliced beef to marinade mix well. 2-heat oil to 275 degrees add beef stir gently to seperate remove from oil drain well. 3-use 3 tbsp of oil in pan on high heat add ginger garlic chili and flake and cumin stir fry breifly add salt to taste add beef stir well. 4- add scallion and drizzle some sesame oil stir slightly and serve. good luck and if you want to try more just check out fuchia dunlops cookbook called revilutionary chinese cooking. as well as land of pleanty. great sichuan cusine


thank you toppcatt